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Default Canon Digital Rebel Panoramic Help :-)

Hey everyone! The weekends almost here. :-)

I'm hoping someone can help me out with a little information.

I'm a new owner of a Canon Digital Rebel (which I love) and have a few questions about a few things.

I previously had a Canon PowerShot G2 which had a mode in which you could take panoramic pictures and it kept the exposure etc the same for the entire series of the panoramic shot.

Is there a way I can easily achieve this on my new Digital Rebel? I have tried a few and because the camera adjusts it's settings with each shot I am having trouble with each image being exposed differently making the stitching obvious.

Another question. Is there a device that would allow me to take pictures when on my tripod that would allow seamless stitching? It seams that there is always something that just doesn't line up right. Although, I have seen most on http://digitalphotocontest that are seamless and wonderful.

Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated! Thanks and hope you have a good weekend!
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You need to use Manual exposure mode, this will insure that the camera does not change exposure index between shots. It would probably also be a good idea to manually set the white balance (using a gray card) to prevent it from changing or lock it in using one of the preset values rather than Auto.

There are all kinds of panoramic tripod heads and helpers out there, you can find some of them at:


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Steve's two points (fixed exposure and white balance) are the basic rules. Though it is getting seriously out of
date (don't pay much attention to the reviews), http://www.panoguide.com/ is still a good place
to look at some other issues.

There are three things to keep in mind about shooting panoramas:
** There are all kinds of rules, e.g., fixed white balance, fixed exposure, nodal point rotation, ...
** Every one of those rules can be broken
** Your panoramas will be easier to stitch, there will be fewer failures, and you can use simpler software if you
follow the rules.

Panoramas are fun, and thinking about them leads to thinking about issues that apply to other photos, in particular figuring out where to stand when you shoot. lso projections, normally rectilinear or cylindrical, but other strange things can be done:

(The same 360 pano in three projections)
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