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gdwave Nov 19, 2002 12:30 PM

Canon G3 vs. Nikon 5000 vs. Olympus 5050
Please Help !!!!! I just can't decide.

Need for general photography indoor/outdoor with some macro.
Would also like to use with underwater housing.

All comments comparing the three....greatly

TD27 Nov 19, 2002 12:38 PM

Hi GdWave,

I own both the G3 and Coolpix 5000 (just upgraded the G3 from a G2, and prior to that a G1) so I can offer MY opinions on the two. But I have no experience with the Olympus...

The Coolpix 5000 is wonderful for only two reasons: incredible macro capability (and sharp lense) and a wider-than-normal wide setting on the zoom. But if I were to choose only one camera to have, it would NOT be the 5000. Shutter lag is far too long (longer than most consumer digitals), flash exposures are usually bad, and battery life is awful. I think it would make a great studio camera but other than that, I never take it along with me anymore.

The Canon line, with the G3 being the newest, is for me the best choice in consumer digitals. Everything just plain works. Flash exposures are excellent, shutter lag is minimal (but there is of course some lag), in-camera logic/software is state of the art, and as an all-round camera, this is now my first choice. And the G2 was my first choice before that.

I hope someone else will be able to compare the Olympus for you, but I personally am real happy with the Canon. Hope this helps...

Tim (in Canada)

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