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lodingi May 10, 2004 9:22 PM

i'm ready to purchase a new photo printer. i am considering the canon i900d or the epson R300M. i have read both of steve's reviews but i don't see a clear cut winner. if i read the reviews correctly i would guess steve gave the image quality nod to the epson? the canon has the speed advantage. i would sacrifice speed for image quality. my primary use will be photo printing with somemoderate text printing. does anyone have experience with printers? i would appreciate your comments.

aliasd2 May 10, 2004 9:47 PM

I know a lot of people here swear by the Canon but I went with the Epson myself for the same reasons you're considering. After reading as much as I could on both printers and looking at prints at retail stores, I really thought the Epson had a better quality print. I too was willing to sacrifice speed for quality of print. Additionally, don't know howtrue it is, buteverything I've seen saysEpson gets the nod in longevity of prints. I've printed numerous 8 X 10's with my E 300 and am completely satisfied at this point. Good luck with your choice.

CastleDude May 10, 2004 11:27 PM

The ultimate right now is the Canon i9900 but it does take some desk space. Epson and Canon are alternating right now and Epson is ahead in quality for the smaller format. Canon is better in the big format.

If you can wait a month the Canon i990 is supposed to be out and it will be interesting to see how one extra cartridge plus enhanced resolution works, it will probably put Canon back in the lead until the next release by Epson.

You might also want to look at the Epson R200 it's the same as an R300 but without the direct print capability (no memory reader) it knocks the price down to $99. When you consider the cartridges are $77 individually thats an amazing price.

There are reports that Epson shorts you on the first set of cartridges, Canon definately does not (they are transparent and you can see the amount of ink).

I have an R200 which I use mainly for CD/photo printing and i860 for everyday printing and some photo printing. I am going to get an i9900 pretty soon for photo prints.

tkmckay May 11, 2004 3:34 PM

I have an R300 and have printed most likely now about 20+ish 8.5x11" borderless photo's with it as well as a little text pages. For photo's this printer is amazing, as for text it definately leaves something to be desired imho. The reason I say that is if you print in draft mode its way to light looking and almost hard to read which basically makes it useless. Print a decent amount of text in the regular textmode and watch your black ink tank level drop. I ended up printing off two tax returns which came in at about 18-20 pages each and I bet the black ink tank dropped about 20-25%. At that rate you would get about 160-200 text pages out of the ink tank. I guess its fine if you don't print alot of text but considering the first black in tank is still over the 50% full mark right now and ive printed about 40 text pages and maybe 20-25 full colour borderless 8.5x11 sheets it almost seems that 1 page of text uses more of the black ink than 1 borderless 8.5x11" picture.

The black ink tank is also more expensive than the other ones on this least locally for me so I think I might look into purchasing a lower end lazer printer for my text printing.

Maybe its just me, but I figured printing text would not use as much ink as it turn out to use....but then again this is the first decent printer I have owned.:-)

lodingi May 11, 2004 5:01 PM

thanks for the info. my canon i950 died on me. luckily i had a 2 year replacement at compusa. i returned it and picked up the i900d. i thought about the i960 and the R300M. i can return the i900d for either of the others. i wish i had known about the i990 earlier. i would have waited to return my i950 when it arrived. sucks for me :sad:

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