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scubadoo97 Mar 8, 2004 3:14 PM

Canon power shots SD100 or S400
I am in need of a digital camera. I currently have the elph film camera and love the small size. I am looking at getting the SD110 or there is also the SD100. What is the difference between these.

I also heard the canon has a water tight housing for underwater shots

I also am thinking of going up to the S400. I also see there is a 410 that has almost the same features.
Is one just a new model?

Anyone using any of these cameras

macroom Jun 15, 2004 3:40 PM

I hope I don't confuse you, but check out the Contax SL300RT. I've had one for a month and love it. It's about the lens, not the pixels. And the Contax has a Zeiss lens. The pictures I'm getting are amazing, really crisp.
It has been awfully expensive until recently. Since launching it has run about $499. But it's now easy to find for around $429 online. Camera stores seem to be holding the line at $499. Don't pay it. Go to or B&H or another online merchant you trust.
If you do purchase it, get an extra battery. And I'd recommend the Sandisk Ultra11 512 memory card.

whittonj Jun 16, 2004 1:07 PM

I have the S400 and it's very good- the 410 (which is available now) just added pict-bridge support (if you don't know what it is you probably don't need it- has to do with printing I think). The 400 is an amazing camera for its size and takes very clean pictures- my 8x10" prints and 4ft by 12" panoramas are excellent. It's not the perfect camera (which doesn;t exist) but it can definitely get excellent pictures. It is total point and shoot - ISO and EC are about all you have contol over. Its low light focus is slow (as with most PS digitals) and disapointing but in decent light it rarely misses. It's built like a tank- it stayed crammed in a jeans/short pocket on a 12 day trip through Europe with me biking, hiking and clubbing and barely has surface scratches on it.

I went with it over the sd100 because I had 2gb of compact flash cards from my previous camera and compact flash is considerably cheaper than secure digital. I think the Sd only has a 2x lens compared to a 3x on the S400 (I think- double check the specs on it.)

I used to have a bulkier G2 and Minolta S414 and D7i - now that I have a camera this size I take a lot more pictures- I don't have all the options as I do with the other cameras- but better to have the camera with me and get the shot.

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