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pfrenn Aug 25, 2002 1:33 AM

Canon S40 vs Coolpix 4500
I am struggling hard...

I have two cameras on the shortlist and they are the S40 and the Coolpix 4500.

Am a person who would like to have a neat camera with me on trip, out with family etc and have good quality pics for the future.

What should I choose?


Lin Evans Aug 25, 2002 9:03 AM

I can't tell you which to buy, but perhaps knowing some of the relevant difference might help.

The S40 is a dynamite little camera which has top notch image quality and travels very well. You will never loose a lens cap because it's an integral part of the camera. Everything retracts into a neat package and the camera can easily slip into a large pocket and be ready for use in seconds. Great backpacking camera. Low light capabilities are very good and images out of camera require little or no tweaking before printing. Low light capabilities are excellent and it has a built-in low light focusing aid light which virtually assures correct focus on nearby subjects in minimal light.

The downside is versatility for telephoto or macro use. The camera, as is, is pretty much what you have here. If you have no need to shoot over 3X, this is a dandy solution.

The CP4500 is quite a contrast. It's also small and compact, but you WILL loose the lens cap unless you attach it with provided string. Takes great images but is not nearly as good in low light (no low light focusing aid like the S40). In general though, this is a much more versatile camera, especially on the extreme ends of macro and telephoto. This little jewel can not only take incredible macro's, it can shoot through the eyepiece of about anything from a microscope to a spotting scope and there are numerous peripherals available to extend its versatility even more. If you have the need, or think you may ever have the need for long range telephoto, this is about as good a solution as there is. Not as good for slipping in the pocket or for field durability (not as well protected) as the S40, but it's built very strongly with all metal construction. As well built as the S40, but the lens cap will come off in your pocket and there is no protection over the LCD screen so unless you cover it, it will get very dusty and probably scratched if you carry it in a pocket without at least a mini camera case.

Best regards,


Jaseball Aug 26, 2002 12:37 AM

Nice summary of the two cameras with emphesis on how they serve different needs and the positive and negatives of each.

pfrenn Aug 26, 2002 8:13 AM

Canon according to
If you look at the picture at and the House 2 picture in high resolution you will see soft/blurred edges and corners especially if you look into the leaves and the flowers in the central part /edges of the picture when looking at the S40 oictures. The same problem appears at the Indoors picture when you look at the leaves.
I feel that this it is not very wise to get a camera with these problems.
OR is it just a temporary problem with that Canon camera they had at the test?

Looking into the CP4500 it has sharp and precise pictures all through.

Any ideas about this?

pfrenn Aug 31, 2002 11:34 PM

Buy Coolpix 4500
Thanks for your replies!

I just bought the camera I belive will be the one I will choose!
This is the first time I use a digital camera and I have already taken approx 400 pictures in 3 days. the battery is running flat all the time so I will for sure get another one if I should be able to get a decent time "on the field". Alot of the pictures is for getting to know the camera.

The 4500 is the camera I bougt! The swivel design is outstanding and the functionality is perfect for my needs. I can use it as a pocket camera as a more advanced camera. I have already taken some very good shots of both family, friends and some nature scenes that has been appreciated amongst family and friends.
If you go digital - go Nikon!

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