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rodo May 21, 2008 3:04 AM

I am wondering if I have a faulty camera Ixus 860is 3" screen. :roll:

Looking at the lcdscreen fully zoomed out ( shows this problemup more 140 mm justoptical zoom ) I am seeing speckles and could be described as a noisy looking screen and its worse indoors dark areas or subjects especially aiming the camera at dark objects but speckles/noise showing even on lighter subjects on the rear LCD screen.

IfI increase zoom by using digital zoom as well the screen looks worse again , Ive only recentlynoticed this as I usually dont take photos indoors, My wifes Fuji with also a 3 " screen shows some of thisugly specled effectbut not so bad effect on the lcd zoomed right out and in darker areas indoors.

I wonder if this is normal, any one know if this is normal or anyone got a Ixus or SD Canon with a 3" screen have a look and see zoomed right out if you have the same speckles or not indim situations, Btw the photoes taken are fine, no speckles or noise at all 200 ISO and flash indoors, its just showing on the LCD fully zoomed out is worsebefore you take a shot,thankyou Rodo .

ac.smith May 21, 2008 11:10 AM

Most P&S LCD screens have an auto-brightness function which "gains-up" the viewing screen in low light condition so that it will be bright enough to frame the scene under those conditions. I think what you're seeing means that the viewing system is working normally.

A. C.

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