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sjde Oct 20, 2006 12:26 AM

I am fairly new at using this camera and all my distance photos were blurred whenI was taking pictures of fall foliage. Only things way off in the distance. Not things across the street. Myowner's manualsays if the subject is 10 feet away or further, to use the infinity setting. That setting is only available in the manual mode and I have always been using the automatic mode, so I guess that explains whyeverything was blurred.(Across the street is more than 10 feet and that still worked--was not blurry--in the automaticmode though.) ...So then Itried using the manual mode in the house and it kept giving me the symbol sayingthe camerawas shaking--meaning you need to use a tripod. And the image WAS blurred. What good is the camera if every timeI take a far distance picture (which will often happen on a trip--I like to take lots of scenery pictures) I'd need a tripod?!I don't plan to carry a tripod with me when travelling. And is it because the camera is so small that it shakes easily? Thanks!


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