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Default Can't decide! Please help

I want to buy a digital camera an I can't decide:
Sony DSC P72,
Canon powershot A70,
Panasonic DMC-LC33,
Minolta Dimage Xt,
Minolta S414.
They are in the same price range and have similar features.
:?: What's your suggestion :?:
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I suggest the following:

Read Steve's review of each one and compare photos.

Read the new Buyer's Guide for each photo.

Then compare features to your primary intended subjects
for your photos.

Good luck
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Digital cameras are great for expanding your photography. It costs nothing to experiment and you get instant feedback. The two cameras in your list with advanced features you can grow into are the A70 and 414. The 414 is 4Mp with a 4X zoom and has a continuous focus feature I particularly like. It also has a B&W status window that keeps you from having to constantly refer to the LCD and is easier to read in sunlight. But it is bigger and heavier and you might carry the A70 with you more even though it wonít go in your pants pocket unless you wear cargo pants. The A70 takes 640 X 480 movies and focuses much better in low light. Both cameras would require you to buy a charger and NiMH batteries, but that isnít a big expense and they somewhat make up for it by using CF cards that you can often find some great rebate deals on.

The P72 also takes nice 649 X 480 sound movies. I know you arenít buying a video camera but it is often all you have with you and the 320 X 240 movies most others take are near useless. It comes with a charger and batteries, and with NiMH AA spares are cheap. It also focuses well in low light. Sony memory is a little pricier but the charger more than makes up for that cost wise.

The DMC-LC33 appears to be compact enough to fit in your pocket but seems heavy for its size.

The Xt is a camera you can carry everywhere. The camera you have with you takes a lot better pictures than the one sitting at home. The battery should fill a 128Mb card if you donít leave the LCD on all the time, so your only extra expense would be the SD card which have become almost as reasonable as CF. I would personally prefer the Xt to the Panasonic.

If you think you might want to expand your horizons the A70 and 414 are the cameras of choice. They can both be used in automatic just like the others for when you donít want to mess with anything.

The P72 is a little large for a pocket camera but takes nice sound movies. The Xt is very portable and doubles as a sound recorder, which can be handy in a carry-everywhere camera.
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I read the Steve's reviewes and the ones on dcresource.
Like I said the cameras have similar features and they are the best in 2003 in the 3MP class.
But, sony good stamina and 2 2100mAH batteries and charger included, and minolta Xt Li-ion batery and I don't trust it so much. Canon A70 can only record 3 minutes at 320x240, and Panasonic doesn't have such a great picture quality.
I just want some second opinions. Thanks.
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Should I consider the sony p32 which doesn't have optical zoom, but it is smaller and more portable? (the other features are the same)
How impotant is the optical zoom?
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