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Default CARD ERROR in my digicam

dear digital camera experts,
i have got a fujifilm DC and i have buy a Smartmedia card reader for it. yesterday, after i copy the image files out from the card via the carder reader, and i punch the SM card into the camera again , it shows "CARD ERROR". i don't know what's wrong with it?
may be i had changed the format of the SMcard to which is not compatible with Fuji cameras, can anyone help me or tell me how to retrieve to that format?
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Is there a 'format,' feature on the camera to re-format the card?
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I just want to address how not to have happen again. When you are ready to clean card of pictures goto top left click "edit", from dropdown menu click "select all" then back up top click "file" then from dropdown click "delete" this will clear pictures w/o removeing format of card
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I've solved the problem without too much hassle.

After banging my head against the wall, attempting to manually edit the data on the card, I realised the cards were under warranty still...

I took one of my "corrupted" cards to Jessops and explained the problem, even that the card formats fine with windows and demonstrating the issues, then I suddenly had a brainwave, just format the card in a Fuji 6900 or other digital camera!!!

It worked. Thanks to a friendly shop manager, problem solved!

It seems olympus wont put a proper formatter in the firmware of their cameras.
Dont believe the rumours that formatting the card in a card reader or mp3 player irreversibly damages the smartmedia. ITS NOT TRUE!

There is even a much simpler way to backup your card than your report on
and it will work with any smartmedia reader - not just the MAUSB-2
as long as it is accesible as a mapped drive from "my computer"

Make a backup image copy of a smartmedia card that works in your camera, borrow one if possible, or like me go to the store where you bought it and ask someone to format it like I did. (it has to be the same size),
Then put it into your USB smartmedia card reader.
and run Winhex
Use Winhex ( a hex editor for Windows)
go to Tools>disk editor
then file>create backup.

With this image backup, you can overwrite a seemingly corrupted card, and hey-presto, you can now use it again in your olympus.

I have an image file in zip format that is 800k for a standard (non panorama type ) 128Meg olympus friendly smartmedia card if anyone needs it, please let me know, and I will email it to you. After all, having tried to hex-edit - why bother when there's a simple way!

regards - and spread the word!

Derek c Foley


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