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Default Card Reader for Travel

I need to buy a compact flash card reader for travel in South America and Asia with my G3.

Will computers in Internet cafes in those parts of the world be equiped to take USB 2 or only USB 1? Are there readers that operate on both? Will drivers be required or can I just 'plug and play'?

Any recommendations on a light-weight, versatile reader that addresses the above issues would be appreciated.

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It all depends entirely on the particular computers. As far as the USB issue goes, as far as I'm aware most, if not all, USB2 card readers will work on a USB1 port (but obviously only at usb1 speed), and similarly USB2 ports on the computers will read USB1 drives. Though before you buy a USB2 drive check that it is backwards compatible
What may be more of an issue however is the drivers. Most will need a driver of some kind, and a lot of net cafe's will have the systems set up so you can't install anything (even if you're able to access the main computer body to plug the reader in to start with). So basically don't be too reliant on being able to plug in the card reader, as opportunities to do so will probably be very limited.
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You may want to consider buying a Digital Wallet instead. There are many available now, designed to read your memory cards, and store the images on an internal laptop hard disk drive.

Popular Choices include the X-Drive, Image Bank, Super Digibin, Tripper and others. Many of the new models use USB 2.0. Some have internal Lithium Ion Batteries, with a variety of recharging solutions too (cigarette lighter, a/c adapter, etc.). These are available with a variety of internal hard disk sizes (20gb, 30gb, 40gb, etc.).

Here's an example:

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Default Card Reader unplug

I just bought the Sandisk card reader and am truly amazed at the transfer speed, even at 1.1 level.

The instructions about unplugging concern me, however. They say that you need to click on the remove hard ware icon before unpluggin the reader.

How critical is this? Do I risk damaging the reader, or the computer? I'm not sure that it will be easy to find this button on foreign computers, with strange keyboards, in Internet cafes around the world.

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A cheap "in-addition-to" would be a CF->PC Card adapter. If the PC has a PC Card slot it would be faster to pop out the CF card and stick it in the PC Card slot for upload than to hook up a USB cable and download photos through the wire. No extra drivers required in this case.
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