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when at full optical zoom (not digital zoom) the focus in pictures is pretty rubbish.if i get closer and take it again the photos are much sharper.

is this normal or is it broken?i did once accidentally turn it on in my pocket and the lens couldnt extend,and then it retracted again.could this have broken it?or do cameras just not focus aswel when at zoom?

also,is there any new firmware available/where can i check for such things?
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The firmware is here: http://world.casio.com/qv/download/en/ex_s500_firmup/

What lighting are you shooting in? If it is outdoors on a bright day and it won't focus at full zoom you might have a problem.

If you are shooting in limited light at full optical zoom you likely are getting motion blur. Half depress the shutter and see what shutter speed you are generating. With a viewfinder and a good holding stance you need at least 1/100 second to get a sharp shot at full zoom. You can increase requirement that with the lack of an optical viewfinder.

If you just want to view the shots onscreen or print 4 X 6 you can get by with a little less shutter speed. But if you display them 100% so you have to scroll around the screen to see the whole picture you will see it isn't completely sharp.

But if the camera is only generating 1/30 second at full zoom the shots are going to be less than great no matter how you view them.

Take a look at your EXIF for the shots that were poor and see what shutter speed the camera was generating.

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the shuuter speeed was 1/60 in the unfocused zoomed shots and in the ones i took without zoom.

the camera is supposed to have anti-shake stabilising.with this on it seems better

it was at pretty poor lighting levels,and was using the flash.

im going to tinker a little more and see what results i can get.

if anyone else ahs any ideas,post away!
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