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casioowner Sep 4, 2005 7:38 PM

Hey all,

I just purchased a z57. but I have some confusion about it. It seems to me that when I look at my pictures on the LCD, I am looking at very grainy images. I took some at night and during the day, and yet a lot of the pictures had that grainy look to them on the LCD when I reviewed them. When I uploaded them to the computer they still looked a bit grainy ( noisy).

If anyone has this camera, or is familiar with it, can you tell me what settings to change or play around with in order to get the shots looking sharper and clearer. Thanks a million.

JimC Sep 4, 2005 8:13 PM

Without seeing the photos you're talking about (and checking the camera settings used), it's difficult to say. The most likely thing you're seeing is noise from higher ISO speed settings (which is going to be more visible at larger viewing sizes). It will also tend to be worse if you underexpose a photo.

If you can post an example that would help (or if you could simply upload one to a web site if you have some space with your ISP), then users could see it.

Or, open an account at one of the popular photo sharing sites like

You can also attach a photo to forum posts here without posting it to a wide site (but you'll need to downsize it for it to fit properly in the posts, with a max filesize of around 240kb).

What ISO speed were the photos taken at?

If your editor can't see the settings used, download irfanview (it's free) from

You may want to download the free plugins, too. When you open an image, you'll see the camera settings used under Image, Information, EXIF.

If it's noise, you can reduce it's appearance using popular tools like Noiseware or Neat Image

casioowner Sep 4, 2005 10:47 PM


This is an example (sorry, not a good one) of my grainy shots. The ISO was set at "Auto". I have changed that to 50 ( the lowest choice), but what is the downside to having such a low ISO? Also, under the memory tab in the menu, I have the option of turning ISO on or off , if that helps. Is there any other options I can change on the camera to make the shots look better on the LCD? Thanks.

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