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For the last couple shots, there were 2 lines on either side of the picture, like sticks on my new K100D. The lens is absolutely spotless, so I hit the ccd clean feature (just pops the mirror), and i could clearly see 2 small dust, strings.

Does anyone know what i should, or could do. I haven't done anything, because I want to be safe with the camera.
you can see on the opposite corners top left and bottom right
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Buy an air blower, like the Giottos Rocket Air. Face your camera's sensor towards the ground, give the blower bulb two quick squeezes, and give some time any dust to fall out. If you're lucky, those strands will fall out. If you're unlucky, you may have to bring it into a shop to be cleaned. You may also be able to have Pentax do something about it, but I'll let the more experienced people answer that.

Here are a few warnings: DO NOT USE COMPRESSED AIR! The chemicals used could corrode or ruin coatings and moving parts in your camera. Do NOT use your mouth to blow air into the sensor. Be careful if using lens wipes or anything involving applying something to the lens; if you have never cleaned a sensor with those wipes before, go to a shop and have a professional do it or show you how to do it.

In short, you yourself should only try a bulb blower. If that doesn't work, see a professional.
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Those are pretty big and should probably blow out easily using something like the Giottos Rocket Blower.

However, sooner or later you will have to do a more 'serious' cleaning of your sensor. So I would suggest you start researching now the various methods and the tools needed to accomplish the task.

Personally, I use the Visible Dust brushes and they work like a charm.

Remember also, that in most cases, the 'dust spots' that one sees on digital images are very very small, most are invisible to the naked eye.
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Hi hope you sorted it out...Let us know ok!!
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