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Just when I thought it was safe to choose a camera because of the research I've been doing,something else comes along and I get more confused. I've been reading that the Nikon D100 and D70 have a CCD sensor and Canon uses CMOS. Whats the difference?

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I also am curious. Can anyone answer this?

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CMOS sensors are cheaper to make. They also consume less power, making less interference and generally less noise with higher ISOs. At first CMOS sensors were just cheap, and low quality, being used in only the cheapest cameras.Now they have moved up and are being used in the higher end models.

That is the gist of it, although if you want, I could probably find more specific advantages and disadvantages of each.
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I wouldn't worry too much about the differences between CCD and CMOS sensors.

You can find good CMOS sensors (relatively low noise, good image quality), and bad CMOS sensors (high noise, poor quality).

Ditto for CCD sensors.

Canon makes their own CMOS sensors for many of their DLSR models (but still uses CCD Sensors for their consumer models made by other manufacturers like Sony and Panasonic). This probably gives them a competitive advantage in some of their DSLR's (since they don't have to buy the sensors from someone else, and CMOS is less expensive to manufacturer).

The Nikon D70 and D100 models you're looking at useSony CCD Sensors.

IMO, there is really not a lot of difference between the image quality and noise levels between the entry level Nikon and Canon DSLR models as ISO speeds are increased (although the Canons have an available ISO 100, and the Nikons start out at ISO 200). But, the Nikons give you finer control of ISO speed if you want to set it manually (ISO 200, 250, 320, 400, 500, 640, 800, 1000, 1250, 1600, and 3200 on some).

The Canons don't have some of the "in between' ISO speeds settings (they go 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600 and 3200 on some).

In "real world" use, this probably won't make a lot of difference to most users.

Now, the new EOS-20D probably has an edge on noise levels right this minute, as this is a newer CMOS sensor design. However, looking at noise tests on the newKonica-MinoltaMaxxum 7 (a.k.a., Dynax 7) model (which uses a Sony CCD sensor), it appears that thenew Sony 6MP CCD sensor has noise levels as low orlower compared to the CMOS sensor in the EOS-20D (butKM is using a newer version of it, compared to the sensor in the Nikon D70).

So, I personally don't think that one sensortype is superior to the other (at least not right now). I'd pick the camera based on how well it fits your needs, versus what type of sensor it's using.

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Had someone give me a site reference about this question.


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