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picsgalore Feb 10, 2005 8:51 PM

After using IrfanView to burn a disk the green light on front of my pc case keeps blinking indicating that the CD drive is awaiting further action. This did not occur before. I checked the Properties for my Teac CD burner under Options and it reads that three things are checked as being "on" (with a check mark in front of each)-Disconnect-Auto insert notification-DMA. One left and not checked off is Sync data transfer.
Anyone know what these should be or if my settings are correct? What does Sync data transfer mean and do?
I would appreciate help as it is disconcerting seeing that greenlight thinking that some program is running all the time or that a hacker is working on it. Thanks much.
It was first time I used Irfanview and I normally use Nero5 on W98SE.
Sorry if this is the wrong forum to ask.

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