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Default CD-R/RW Camera's besides Sony Mavica series

Christmas shopping is here. My dad has an old, simple to use, Sony MVC-FD73 camera that he loves. Now and then he complains about the poor resolution and lack of storage capacity of a floppy. I would like to get him a new one that uses CD-R/RW technology so that he doesn't have to fumble around with memory sticks and such.

Is there a digital camera manufacturer that makes a competing camera to the Sony MVC CD250 and CD400?

I'm looking for something that uses CD-R/RW or mini CD-R.


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There was a 'SuperDisk' 1.xMp Panasonic, but the Zip disks killed it... Why do you have to narrow your search to CD's only. CF cards and AA NiMh should be your primary goal especially when the megapixels numbers go above 4-5M. A 128Mb will only get you about a roll of film at theses resolutions and a 3" CD will get you only ~3 times that much, but then you have to live with the formatting and closing sessions.
A camera that can take a 512M/1G CF flash (or microdrive for the lowest cost) will get you @ least 600 shots (@5Mpixels)! and is so much more convenient... and your choice widens considerably for cameras that have better features.
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Sony is the only one. I think it is because putting a CD writter into a digicam means:
    Since your interest seems to be ease of use, take a look at the cameras that have "docking stations" and at memory card readers. One issue to look at with card readers is the ease of getting the card into/out-of the camera. Some cameras have a reputation of firing the memory card across the room when a little button is pressed, while others (like my Casio 3000) require a bit of fiddling to get the card out.
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    Kodak has a very good docking program as Bill suggested. Nikon also has an auto downloading program. HP has similar programs. You should also consider cameras that appear as a removable drive when they are attached to your computer. Olympus C4040 have this function as do many other digitals.
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    Thanks for the great replies! You'll have change mind and now I'm looking into the "Docking Station" models.

    Thanks Very Much!

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    Digital photography will eliminate film (except for some special requirements) in the future. The biggest obstacle is the ability to simply turn in a roll of film and and get some pictures.

    Us computer geeks can deal with the stuff we have to do to make pictures. A lot of folks can't. There are still a lot of folks who just want to take some snapshots of the kids take the film to Wal*Mart then pick 'em up a few days (or hours) later.

    Docking stations are a step in the right direction. So are kiosks. But there are lots of folks who think "crop" is something that grows in their garden.

    Believe it or not, there are still folks who don't even own a computer, and even if they do, haven't a clue what's going on inside that box. If digital photograpy is to ever go mainstream, it'll have to get a lot easier to do.

    I love my digital camera and the capability it gives me, but a lot of my friends think all this stuff is magic. While I enjoy being viewed as a genious, the ol' film cameras are still going to be around for a long time.
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