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I need a new cell phone. I lost mine 2 nights ago. Suggestions welcome. It's cool the technology that they are coming up with. I went on www.textfast.t9.com and it's like, T9 :evil: can READ YOUR MIND!!! MUAH!!! IS there any way to recover my phone numbers from my phone after losing it? Anyone know? Bueller? Bueller?
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offtopic, wait for your cell pohne bill, or call up and speak to a rep they should have a list exspecially a history of all your calls , if you paidfor the lost or stolen feature , then you can press the issue qhy am i paying for that, otherwise back up like a pc back up your cell #'s
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That's a great idea. I didn't think of that! :?
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Heres my helpful bit for when you get/pick your new phone. Get the data cable for it and backup your addresses on your computer usually its Outlook that it uses, even if you dont use outlook (which I dont) you can still save your stuff there.

Dont get a samsung lots of unhappy consumers

I have nextel right now they have a service that they save it for you for a fee, butI got a cable off ebay and saved it myself.

I dont know if you are getting new service but I have unlimited internet on my phone for $10 mo. so I made it so I can use my laptop internet while on the road (literally), connected through the web access from my phone using the data cable (this varies by manufacturer) it rocks Although waiting for things to load such as large images is like watching paint dry.......but its better n nuttin :?
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