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steevdog Jul 30, 2002 11:12 PM

CF card x24 speed vs x8/x12.
I recentlly ordered the Nikon Coolpix 5700. I read a few articles stating that the x24 speed CF card was the way to go. Then I read there is no noticeable difference unless using RAW format. Can any one shed some light on this topic. Thanks!

Steves Aug 1, 2002 12:28 AM

Me too! I just purchased an ultrafast 256mb but see little diff.

Gary Senkus Aug 1, 2002 12:38 AM

this post from NHL sums it up.
The reason you're not seeing any difference in jpeg, is when shooting in this mode the output files are so small, that the camera internal memory can buffer the shots (even @ high speed) and parses them out to a slower flash. When shooting in raw or tiff however, the output files are now much larger (x3 to 5 times), and a single shot can fill the entire buffer hence the camera now requires time to empty it's buffer to the slower writing flash! This the reason behind why people complain about camera slowness in the raw/tiff mode.

In fact anyone can see the difference in flash speed right away in their camera when one goes to the video/movie mode and fill the camera buffer up (always limited in most cameras except for the S602) where the camera is locked up until the camera's buffer is emptied. There's less wait time between movie clips as flash speed rating increases. If you never use raw, tiff, or movie mode however, then you'll never be able to tell any difference in CF speed !!!

sjms Aug 2, 2002 12:10 AM

the other answer is simply the transfer rate is also camera dependent. different companies concentrated on different aspects of the work flow in the camera. the original D1 was a dog for xfr the canons moved it quicker then the d1x/h played catch up. read this and look at the results. the d1 was designed around a different baseline cf card. the cards the were relatively slow so nikon assumed wrong and didn't think of future speed development. then the speed race began with lexar. as buzz lightyear says "to infinity and beyond". but marketing aside. the still build the workflow based on the average user for the midline models so we might not see much improvement using superduper 24x cards that will get faster every other month. remember- this quarters speed demon is next quarters dog.

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