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Rumours on the 'net confirm the sign posted in my local CC store. Sunday March 8th looks to be the last day.

My local CC is a shell of its former self. Most of the display shelves have been removed from the center and back of the store.

There are exactly 4 big screen TVs in the store and they have been relocated next to the customer service desk.

Nobody is watching the door. No reason to watch the door because there is nothing (more or less) in the store to steal.

Absolutely no camera or camera accessories. None. Not even those little P&S camera bags or overpriced backup batteries.

DVDs were down to a handful of titles. Rough count I would estimate 25 titles and maybe 100 total DVD's.

And when this all started the local store had maybe several thousandtitles with dozens upon dozens of copies of some of the newest releases.

CDs were a bit better. Maybe 150 titles and 500 total copies. But no singer I know. Of course I think Elvis and Frank Sinatra are still with us, but I digress.

4 floor model printers (the one floor model is still $20 more than the same printer, NIB, at the office supply store in the same shopping complex). Two laser printer cartridges. No ink jet cartridges.

A few demo stereo units. Most are models which have not been made in 3,4 or10 years.

ONE TV /Stereo shelf unit which is adamaged floor model priced at $90. Yeah, right. I bought a dinged floor model bookcase a few years back for $35 and the CC liquidator is pricing a DAMAGED unit at $90.

A couple demo speakers and a stack of el cheapo 5.1 speaker sets (NIB)as an endcap.

Thats it.

Oh, and 8 employees standing at the Fire Dog desk, barricaded away from the customers by the yellow warning tape and 1 manager-wanna-be standing at the customer service desk.

I would be interested in getting an update of stores in other parts of the country.
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Sunday is confirmed:

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