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RacingManiac Sep 9, 2005 11:05 AM

As part of my research I am looking into this CCD cleaning issue for DSLR. I was reading Minolta's Q&A on the Maxxum 5D and this is their answer:

What should be done if dust has attached onto the CCD?

This model has a cleaning mode to raise and hold the mirror at an up position with the shutter open, which can be selected in the camera menu. After setting to this mode, remove dust with a blower. (Do not use canned air.) Also, professional CCD cleaning service is available at a Konica Minolta service facility for free of charge during the warranty period. (Please note that those which require disassemblywill be charged.)

What blower are they referring to?

PeterP Sep 9, 2005 12:21 PM

Most common refered to blower is the Giottos Rocket

For more through cleaning there are other products available like PEC pads, eclipse cleaning solution.

I use the Visible Dust brushes from instead of a chemical solution they use a static charge to remove dust.

There are many other products available as well.
If you follow their instructions carefully you should have no troubles cleaning your sensor. If you are worried many repair stores offer the service but charge a packet for a fairly simple task.


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