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gkitf16 Nov 22, 2003 11:33 PM

Cleaning dust out of Olympus C730 lens
I have an Olympus C730 which has gradually accumulated bits of dust inside the lens over time. I want to know how to very carefully open the unit up and clean it out. The dust appears to get in between the lens barrel and the stub barrel which it extends and retracts out/in. Olympus should have incorporated a dust barrier to prevent this. The dust does not seem to show up on pictures (yet), but I try to keep my equipment as clean as possible, and a lens full of dust is unacceptable. I have searched the web without success for a teardown/disassembly instructions page of some kind. Anybody tried opening theirs up for cleaning? I am fairly good at small disassemblies like this, but want to know more about how to proceed before I open it up.

Mike_PEAT Nov 23, 2003 12:33 AM

The problem is zoom cameras do breathe when the lens moves in and can't totally seal the camera.

The lens assembly isn't meant to be taken apart...certainly not by the faint of heart. Here's some pictures from someone who took the camera apart:

sjms Nov 23, 2003 12:35 AM

A-so you have experience at camera/electronics disassembly?
B-and is it still under warranty?

if ans B is yes you don't try A. just send it in to oly.

if B is no and w/o out a manual you doubled your odds on buying a new camera once you dig in. they really don't leave much room for error in there.

gkitf16 Nov 23, 2003 9:22 AM

C730 disassembly
It does appear to be quite complex. I guess I'll tolerate it until it gets to the point I notice dust in my pictures. I may/may not try the disassembly to dust it with canned air. If it doesn't work after putting it back together, it's in the dumpster. Lesson learned: buy quality. You're gonna pay for it, but it's always worth it. I have several other reasons I want to get rid of the camera anyway. This was my first digital camera to break away from the never-ending costs of film/processing. Guess I didn't account for the dust potential issue then. It has functioned OK, but has several major drawbacks: time to wake up from sleep mode is 3-4 seconds, no instant zoom ring like an SLR lens, poor low light focusing/no focus at all in the dark, shutter lag, 3.2 MP satisfactory for 4x6 and 5x7's but 8x10's are pushing it too far. The major feature which sold me on the camera when I bought it was the 10x optical zoom, which is superb. For an all-in-one casual shooter it's fine, but I will eventually be replacing it with a Canon EOS 1 DS. Quite a quantum jump in all respects. My subjects demand rapid response time from the camera. A 1/4 second delay in shutter lag may mean getting or losing a critical shot. Waiting for the camera to get ready after I've moved the zoom takes several seconds, and then it still has to prefocus, add another second or two, by that time my subject is gone! Absolutely unacceptable, why am I trying to take the picture!?!? The C730 just can't keep up with what I am asking it to do. So when it comes time I'll be moving on to a higher level of camera.

sjms Nov 23, 2003 9:37 AM

thats quite a jump your thinking of taking. are you prepared to make a $10K investment? thats just a camera body, 2 lenses 24-70, 70-200), strobe, spare battery, and now a couple of 1 and 2GB cards. it has a great ability to consume them when shooting RAW. 1 2gb and 2 1gb cards is only the equivelent of 10 rolls of film.

Mike_PEAT Nov 23, 2003 11:49 AM

Sorry, but you're a little naieve...just wait until you find out about the dust issue of dSLRs! I was at a lecture the other night, and the lecturer was talking about the problems with dust on those cameras...he mentioned a special cleaning swab for cleaning the CCD which sells 12 for $75 (don't forget, every time you change the lens you are also introducing the CCD to new dust).

I'm sorry about your problems, but there are MANY C-7x0 users who are happy and have no problems...myself included.

Did you take proper care of your camera? I mean, keep a lens tube and UV filter on it, protect it in a proper case?

sjms Nov 23, 2003 12:21 PM

i'v had my 1Ds since May and have had 1 cleaning to do and i did it the way canon suggested and it worked fine. i change lenses regularly. this issue of cleaning is out of hand. its more a matter of handling.

gkitf16 Nov 24, 2003 12:22 AM

Cleaning EOS 1 DS
Dust shouldn't be much, if any problem for a camera like the 1 ds, it has seals everywhere and the lens mount face is a machined surface mated to a precision lens flange, not like the Olympus zoom all-in-one I'm currently using. The only way you would be getting dust into it is if you are careless when changing lenses in a dusty location

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