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What's the recommended way to clean the surface and buttons on a camera. I gave my new E-520 (24 hours old) a workout over the weekend while out boat fishing.

To get the grip and case generally clean what's safe to use ?

I was thinking Windex spray on a tissue, or maybe a 'Wet ones' style wet towel cloth.
Any problem there, or better recommendations ?

Edit: What about a damp Enjo cloth too ?

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Your camera's manual should have information about surface cleaning. If not, try the website for recommendations. If any parts of the camera can be damaged by solvents or cleaning products, the manufacturer is likely to mention it.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"My personal preference, when I don't have a guide, is to use isopropyl alcohol. Drugstore rubbing alcohol is fine, and the 91% version is better if you can find it. I would recommend cloth rather than tissue, as the lint from paper products can leave quite a mess. Old T-shirts work pretty well, and are fairly lint-free.

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Watch the wipes. Some of the commercial wipes have hand lotion, fragence etc in the solution which can leave a residue on the metal and plasticsurfaces.

Alcohol or Ammonia based cleaners, such as Windex etcare most likely best (read the label....higher puritycleaners are better). Watch forfragences, defoaming agents etc.

Also full strength cleaners can cause some rubber and plastics tobecome sticky after the cleaner has evaporated because therubber/plastic has an additive in the formula to prevent thesurface from being tacky to the touch, but the solvents strip out the additive and cause the surface to be permanently sticky.Be careful and use the least concentration to achieve the level of cleaning you desire.
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