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Dear all,

This message has nothing to do with photography, nothing with the quality of the messages which can be read out here. Sorry if this is not the proper place. It could be of interest to anyone visiting this forum, though.After having browsed this forum for more than a minute or so, my eyes blur, and I get horrible after-images, simply because of the eye-hostile idea of putting white text on a black background. Puhleeeezze... Don't do that, simply. Don't. Never. Not ever. Stop it... I'm sure that the forum settings allow this to be changed in, say, black on white, which, I think, is the way it is done in about 99.9999999 percent of all texts in this universe. So, Mr. Forumguy, show us that you don't want to hurt your photographing visitors' eyes anymore, and reverse the colours... *sigh *



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Click on My Account in the upper right,
Click on the profile tab
Select one of the other themes.:-)

For those that are too lazy to register they get to suffer ..:P
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The colors should not be white on black. Check your preferences, and try changing your board theme to the default. You can get to it via the menus.Select "My Account" at the top of the page, then select the "Preferences" tab. Or, simply click here, and you'll go straight to the edit preferencespage:



I see Castledude beat me to it (I must've been typing too slow, copying the link, etc.).
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OMG thank you!

I too have been looking at white on black since the board change a while back! I though that it was the default! (why did it default to "shades") ack!

Sooo much better now!
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