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At one time in each of our lives, we all were once "newbies".

Those of you convey impatience, arrogance and contempt toward those new folks who ask...

What Camera Should I Buy?

are missing out.

This forum member wholeheartedly believes that if just one newbie overcomes prepurchase concerns and buys a digital camera and that newbie comes back to the forum to share the joy of his/her acquisition and perhaps some of their first photos, then this forum member is all the richer for it.

This forum member wholeheartedly encourages new folks to seek the intangibles with their new cameras and then share them. These intangibles might be...

a special moment captured

the joy and laughter on a child's face

the wizened lines of an octagenerian

If youinstill joy and a lightness of step in others, then guess what...you have empowered another human being. Something for the win column.


My late grandmother once said very wisely...

"Everyone brings joy to a room...

Some byan entrance, some byan exit."

In the internet age, a "room" can be a metaphorical room, i.e., this thread.

If any forum members feel an instant umbrage as this forum member's words are read, then, with all due respect and no disrepect intended or implied, I suggest that you do a check on yourself, an attitude check.

For the record, if those of you who have criticized newbies on this forum "feel" that you have just been mildly remonstrated or gently chastized, your "feelings" are valid. You have been.

Now, look on the bright side...you have not been "braced*" with spittle &invective less than six inches from your face.

* braced - a USN term where someone's back is against a bulkhead as unequivocal, timely, concise "feedback" on transgressions committed and correction action needed is being delivered a few inches from said someone's face.

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Old Jul 24, 2004, 6:26 PM   #52
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Wow, this has turned into a very heated post since January.

The funny thing is, if you look at why this thread wascreated, Steve wanted people to quit posting WSIB questions. This post went from that to a fewmemberswith only a couple of posts bashing people who have questions.

These forums are not a place to bash people with questions. If that is your motive, why are you here? What was your purpose of joining Steve's in the first place? You most likely wanted to ask a question, do some research, or learn something.

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Old Jul 25, 2004, 1:14 AM   #53
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For someone like myself who is quite new to this subject/forum, I DID search before posting BUT found it hard to determine WHAT exactly to search for that would get desired results...so tried various phrases but part of problem was that model I looked at was SO new, that no prior posts covered it...

However, even for this newcomer, the topic titles used in WSIB posts are generally SO vague that finding one you might have some interest in is difficult...If we could please get folks to use specific model nbrs in topic or description, it would benefit ALL of us, IMHO...
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Old Jul 25, 2004, 8:30 AM   #54
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I've got mixed feelings on this guys.

Yes, questions about which camera should I buy can be annoying. However, for someone that doesn't understand anything about cameras (how ISO speeds work, lens brightness, autofocus lag, etc.), it can be confusing.

Yes, in Steve's more recent reviews, things like Low Light Focus, Autofocus Lag, Cycle Times, Flash Useability, EVF useability, etc., are discussed in the review conclusion section.

However, a newbie may not understand that most Digital Cameras tend to be much worse in some of these areas, compared to their old point and shoot film cameras.

They can also get caught upin the Marketing Hype that is included in these reviews. If you read the first part of each review, the text tends to be taken from the manufacturer's description.

Let's take an example from the Sony T1 review:

"The Cyber-shot T1 is packed with sophisticated auto-focus and auto-exposure options to help get the picture right the first time. Users can select from eight different shooting modes in accordance with the shooting conditions. The camera automatically makes the optimum settings to match the scene, making it easy to shoot high quality images even under difficult lighting conditions."

Now, it says"high quality images even under the most difficult lighting conditions."

So, why would a review (on a highly rated Digital Camera site) say this, if it were not true. It's taken from Sony's product description, that's why. Many newbies may not check things like the specs, and notice that the flash range is a maximum of 5 feet at full wide angle (and that's using Auto ISO).

Also, they may not realize that you can't take a photo indoors without a flash with these small sensor cameras, with slow lenses, and get fast enough shutter speeds to prevent motion blur.Mostnewbies alsodon't have any concept of noise.

It's easy to get caught up in the marketing hype reading a review, unless you know what to look for. So, I usually try to point out these types of things, when I see someone making a legitimate effort to find a good match to their needs -- suggesting they read the review conclusion section carefully.

Wouldn't you want someone to do the same thing for you?

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Old Jul 29, 2004, 9:29 AM   #55
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You know, really though... you (bcoultry) sound like a "good" buyer, even when you were a newbie. You'd be amazed how many people out there however, simply as Steve stated earlier, "wants someone to decide for them".

Example: I did a web site a couple of years ago, which to some degree I still update ( url = http://www.digitalcamerabasics.com ).

I specifically designed my site for TOTAL novices to the world of digicams. No flashy stuff, basic design, etc. etc. In it I cover the absolute basics such as the difference between digital and optical zooms, what noise is, what resolution means, etc. I do get "thank you" emails from people who get lost on the more elaborate sites, but you'd be shocked how many emails I get from people asking the very basic questions that are covered within the site.

In other words, I think some people kind of just get a bit lazy, and rather than spend a few minutes trying to find the answers on a site, they'll just post the question in a message board if one is offered. Not saying we all aren't guilty of thisfrom time to time, but when masses of people do it at the same time, it can get a bit overwhelming on a board. I regular delete stuff from my own board like "how do I use the zoom on my camera?" (yes, really, I get those). The "Which camera should I buy?" posts are the most difficult... we do not know the individuals, their habits, etc. Unless they give us very specific details as to what they wish to do with their cameras (which most don't), we can't even offer a list to choose from.


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