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If one wanted to start a side business, what are the legalities involved? Is there a site(s) that would deal with this subject? This would bea scenario.

Someone hires you to shoot his son's participation in a soccer match. You will lay out a package he will choose from at an agreed price. You don't need releases from everyone that played, do you? I'm musing about weddings, sporting events etc.


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Professional Photographers of America they have chapters in most areas.

Professional Photographers of Canada same

You do not say where you are, the rules differ country to country.

Taking images of people or private places for profit can require a legal out. It is best to be safe and check first.

Even the design of manymodern buildings is copyright andthe images not usable for profit without a contract,I think there is even one city skyline that has beenprotected, can't remember which it is supposed to be.

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I just did a search on Google looking for "How to start a photography business" and came up with a bunch of stuff. I am sure you could find a lot of this info on the web. There are also some books on this subject, so you could check your local library.
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