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Default Compact camera size vs picture quality

Will the average consumer be able to tell much of a quality difference between the small compact cameras (ie. Canon digital elph, Pentax 330RS ..) and the more normal size digital cameras - assuming same MP size - for 8 x 10 prints?

How about a comparison to the in-between sizes (ie. Canon s30)? Although I'm not sure what the advantage in size is with the Canon S30, smaller than regular size, but still thick and long enough that with a case it does not seem that pocketable???

If you have bought a camera the size of say a Olympus 4000 (4.3 x 3 x 2.8 in) and have it in a camera bag, do you find yourself not taking it wtih you a lot of times because of the bulk vs a camera like the Canon elphs?
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Is this post for a consumer research project?

Ladies might want handbag cams with replaceable style covers, built in flash and auto modes, others might want more functionality and are prepared to compromise on size.

Some take pride in producing good creative pics with a longer term enjoyment benefit, others like instant gratification and might have lower expectations.

What makes consumers buy small or big autos, low or high price? - or Instamatics and Nikons?
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The "average" consumer probably can't tell the differance. The "average" consumer generally wants a fully automatic AND small camera.

However, people who want to be creative and take above average quality photographs have always been willing to lug around a little extra equipment to be able to manually correct for what a fully automatic point and shoot camera won't do. This applies to film or digital.

When is the last time that you attended a wedding where the official photographer used a pocket camera? Does the "average" consumer at these weddings take photographs that look as good as the guy with the big inconvenient camera?
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Not so much the quality but the lens. Your memories will be less concerened with quality and more worried about what you can see. The standard 38-105mm lens is PISS POOR. Absolutely hopeless. I desperately wanted a wide angle or bigger zoomed lens and they only come in mid size range. Smaller cameras are just too "standard" with the width and telephioto settings.
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