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If I have a Canon 10x zoomed out 2,6 pix's and take the same picture with a Sony 707 at 5 pix's zoomed out and then crop to the same scale as the Canon is the overall result about the same?
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I've been going through the math in my head and have pretty much come to the conclusion that zoom wins over pixel count. In your case, you have twice as much zoom (10x vs. 5x) AND more pixels with your Canon. It wins.

Here's a simple example. Take a square of size 1K x 1K (1Mpp). A 4Mpp (2K x 2K) camera will be able to squeeze this into one fourth of the screen.

If you use a 2x zoom on the original 1Kx1K square, each dimension will double, effectively filling your entire screen. Let's say this is on a *1M* camera.

In both cases, the box ends up being rendered by 1 million pixels. So what you have is:

4x the megapixel rating == twice the zoom.

If this is right (someone please check this for me) AND all other things are equal(1), you will get more bang for your buck by going with a bigger zoom.


(1) All things are NOT equal - zoom requires more light and tends to have issues with keeping straight lines straight
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