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Hi there,

My Panasonic Lumix TZ5 will be arriving soon, and I'm a bit baffled on trimming down video sizes. The Lumix records video at 720p in 2gb increments, and depending on many things, that might not be a whole lot of footage (15min - 25 min?). 2gb is a tad bit big, so I'm wondering if anyone might know how to compress video files and make them smaller. My motives here are to be able to make movies using Nero and then post them on youtube, and the limit on youtube is 1024mb. I suppose I could just downgrade the quality and gain some more time, but again, I'm looking for how to compress the finished product. Things like choosing what file format (.avi, .mpeg, etc...) and the other details are things I'm not sure of.

Hopefully someone can help me with this. Thanks!
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If you google "freeware video converter" there are tons of free softwares out there, so many that it may be very confusing. May I recommend this one as a starter:

Internet Video Converter


This is a no-brainer converter with many presets, as well as allowing manual settings of video resolution and quality (bitrate) when you learn more about digital video.

NOTE: Youtube shows low quality low resolution video, therefore there is no point submitting a high quality video and waste time in transferring the file - it will just be converted to low quality by Youtube.

The following is a good start for Youtube video conversion:

Click "transcoder" tab --> Format choose "iPod MPEG4 (320 x 240)"

Read up on various digital video formats on the internet and explore various video types.

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