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Default Confusion with Lenses

Currently I own a Kodak LS443 with a 3x opical and 3.3x digital zoom.

I am looking at buying a Canon S1 IS or Minolta DiMage Z2 which each have a 10x optical zoom.

To get an idea of just how far (not how good of quilaity) these 10x cameras can zoom, would it be accurate to take pictures with my Kodak LS443 with a combined optical and digital zoom of 10x?

THANKS! :lol:

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Digital zoom really isn't. What it does is the same as cropping the picture and blowing it up on your computer. Each "pixel" will get bigger but you won't see any more detail.
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If what you're asking is 'will it (superficially) look about the same', then the answer is basically yes. You will get a little of 9 times of 'zoom' on your Kodak which is close to the 10x cameras you're looking at. Obviously the quality on the 10x optical zoom will be much better.

The other thing is that I'm not sure if the Kodak and the Canon start at the same optical length. That could mean that you wouldn't get the same amount of 'reach' on both cameras. A Sigma 50-500 and a Canon 28-300 lens both are about 10x zooms. But the Sigma has a longer tele end and the Canon has a shorter wide angle end. I'm guessing that they're likely pretty close.

I'd suggest that you go to a store and try them out. There's a lot more to a digicam then how many pixels and how much zoom.
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