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Another Alternative...

I completely forgot about it (until Alan mentioned his method of projecting an image and taking photos):

Originally Posted by Alan T
There is no reason why one shouldn't do the same with a digicam to get a quick digital copy of one's colour slides, one flashcardful at a time, and dump them on to CD.
Nikon (and other manufacturers) have made slide copiers for digital cameras.

This is MUCH faster than using a scanner (you're just taking a photo of the slide with your digital camera, with the final image resolution the same as supported by your cam).

It's also much better than projecting the image (I can remember seeing online images from users of Slide Adapters a long time ago, and they looked great):

You can even find homemade designs online.

Nikons part number is the ES-E28 (Coolpix Slide Copying Adapter).

Here's a photo of it (NikonMall is out of stock now):


I used a couple of price search engines, and Office Depot ($68.99), Ritz, and a few others showed the item (but did not not show whether or not it was still in stock). You'll need an adapter for some Coolpix models (see the first link in this post to the NikonMall site).

If you can't locate one in stock by using the price search engines, try google (lots of search results come up):

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P.S. -- in addition to the Nikon adapter, a company called Happenstance also made one. Steve even reviewed it:


He rated it a "solid 5 out of 5", and it was only $40.00 at the time.

I totally forgot about these!

I don't know if they make them anymore or not. In any event, you should be able to locate the Nikon adapter.
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