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Default Coolpix 5700 VS DSC F717

Hello. I have decided to upgrade my digital camera!

So, What camera should I buy?

Hehe, just kidding!

Right now I have a Kodak DX 3600 Zoom. I had a great run with this camera. The main reason I bought it was because of Steve's review and how he said it was a good beginners camera, and it was indeed. I believe that I have grown out of this camera. I would like to take my photography to the next level and pass this camera down the family line and hopefully inspire another photographer in my family.

I have narrowed my choice down to these two cameras:

Sony DSC-F717 or the Nikon Coolpix 5700

I have done a TON of reading on these cameras, including www.dpreview.com and, of course, steves digicams (GREAT site steve!).

DPREVIEW seemed to like the sony more, but right now I am leaning toward the Nikon due to the 100 dollar mail in rebate (lets face it, money is always an issue :-)) and also the Nikon seems to be more manuverable. The sony has a nice, but long barrel. I like to take pictures of my families sporting events, my dog, and a lot of nature shots. I also like to bring it to family functions and get some great shots indoors. I know thats probably asking for a lot. The camera doesn't have to be point and shoot, but I would like it to be able to take a quick shot if the occasion should arise. Also, I have read that sony makes you use their own memory sticks which only go up to 128 megs (what are they thinking!?).

So with all that having been said, do you think the Nikon is a good choice out of these two cameras, or should I take a closer look at the Sony? This is a large purchase for me and I would like to get the most for my money. Anything to solidy my decision (either way) would be a big help and greatly appreciated.
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I was looking on sony's site, and it seems they have a rebate for the DSC-F717:


Newegg has a rebate right now, which would being the price of this camera to $589.95... that seems like a GREAT deal.

My question is, can the camera be purchased ANYWHERE or does it have to be bought on sonystyle.com because if you look at this link:
It says:
What You Need To Do:
1. Purchase a Sony DSC-F717, DSC-P92, DSC-P8, DSC-P10, DSC-P72, or DSC-P52 Cyber-shotŪ Digital Camera from www.sonystyle.com during the eligible promotional period.

That seems to make me think that the camera has to be bought from their site, but I could be mistaken. Has anyone taken advantage of this offer yet or know if I can buy it a newegg? Thanks again!
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I have not used the Sony but own the 5700. What makes the 5700 an excellent camera to me are:

8X optical Zoom
Best Shot Selector (BSS)
Three defineable user modes
Moveable LCD panel
Excellent manual controls

I bought my camera the 1st of Novemeber when Nikon offered the $100 rebate which I received just before Christmas. The camera can be bought for around $600 (including rebate) which is a great price for this quality camera. I know that some have said the camera does not perform well in low light conditions but look at this thread:


I am sure that the Sony is a quality camera also but I do not regret buying the 5700

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These are both good cameras. If you're going to go with Sony, however, spring for the DSC-f828 you won't be sorry. If $1,000 is not in your budget I would choose the Nikon 5700 without hesitation. At any rate I would check both of them out at a local camera dealer.
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I've had the F717 for about 3 weeks now. I got it on New Egg on the two rebates (New Egg and Sony). I highly recommend the camera. I didn't go with the 828 because it was out of my budget. The other reason I went with the Sony (well there's many reasons), but we own a Sony Camcorder so I already have two other of Sony's InfoLITHIUM batteries and I had a Memory Stick from the camcorder. I'm sure the 5700 is a great camera, I personally didn't look at it. I wish I had, but I am very, very happy with the 717.
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