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From time to time I want to make print copies of writings on Steve's Forums. I want to do this to save using the enormous amount of black ink drained from my print cartridges when printing normally.

How can I print with white background and black lettering?

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One way is to highlight the desired text using your mouse, copy it using Edit>Copy or Ctrl+C, then paste it into a text editor using Edit>Paste or Ctrl+V.

I sometimes do that with posts (copy and paste a post into Notepad to get rid of all formatting like colors and fonts). Then, I'll copy it back to where I need it without the original formatting (you could use your text editor of choice and print from it).

I also use a free Firefox Add-on that lets me disable most colors on web pages as desired by simply unchecking a Colors box in my toolbar. See more about it here (and you'll see an install Prefbar link on the page).


If you look at this screen, you'll see it installed in my Firefox toolbar (you can customize where it appears and what options are visible). This is what I get with Colors off using the Default Board Theme But, it shoud work the same way with any theme, giving you black on white post text. This screen capture is from SimplyMEPIS 7.0 (a Linux distribution). But, this free Firefox Add-on is platform independent (it works in Firefox running under other operating systems like Windows, too.)

Click on this image for a larger version:

Also, make sure to see the other available Forums Themes here. I keep mine set on Default more often for a lighter background. Shades is the theme with the black background that more closely matches the main site. Look under My Account>Preferences>Board Theme. Here's a direct link to change your forum preferences.


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You can also tell Internet Explorer (or whatever web browser you're using) to not print the backgounds.

Open the Internet Options Control Panel, click on the Advanced tab, scroll down, and uncheck the option to "Print background colors and images."
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