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I am hoping someone will be able to help me with a problem.
I have a number of image files on CD that gave me a CRC error when I tried to retrieve them. I have been able to recover most of them (using various file recovery tools), but a few pictures are still corrupted in an unusual manner. The pictures thumbnails appear fine, but when I view the photos in full size, they are scrambled. Some photos (in full size) look like jigsaw puzzles (all of the sections are there, but in the wrong order), and others have strange color bands across the photos.
My best guess is that there are "bad bits" in the photos that are skipped over in the thumbnails, but read in the full size photos (and thus scramble the final picture).
My question is if there is any way to drop the "bad bits", or fix the photos in any other way?
The photos are in tiff or jpeg format, and my operating system is Windows XP SP2. I have also used Gimp to examine the photos, but my results are the same as with Windows Image Viewer.
Thanks in advance for any help with this problem.

Milton Mayfield
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Make sure the CD is clean, and try reading itwith more than one drive.

Small thumbnails are stored separately inside of the JPEG files (and they can even be different than the images if an editor doesn't update them). So, just because the thumbnails look OK doesn't mean that the rest of the file has only minorproblems.

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I purchased an S2 is. Trying it out on my PC I was getting half a shot, colour bands . My PC has a built in four card reader which I used for the SD card. I have never used SD before. As you say the thumbnails are OK, so I reasoned it must be the reader. I then purchased a SANDISK reader and the card was OK in that. So it can only be the internal reader. SD socket must have dirty sockets, so I will whip it out and clean it.

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