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Default corrupted data

This is a continuation of a thread I started in the NEWBIE forum but which I cant seemto update.
I save a lot of my photos and some video on to an SD card which serves as an external memory. I have been adding photos from both my cameras and the webb to this card for several years and its worked with no trouble at all.
I recently transferred the folders and files on this SD card to a much bigger capacity 8GB Micro SDHC card and this also seemed to work OK.
I recently bought a Canon fs100 cam corder which uses SDHC cards and a Canon Powershot S3 IS which uses SD cards. I format the cards in the cameras.
I down load the photos /video from these cameras onto my hard drive and then copy them off to the storage SDHC card. When I am satisfied that they have copied OK i delete them from the hard drive.
I now find that when I look at these phots some have been corrupted. They can be in any folder even if that folder hasnt been opened to store more photos. It seems to be a few photos (files) completely at random.
The corruption is easy to spot as they idenity number or name to to the file changes to a series of squares and foreign looking letters.
If I highlight one of these affected files and LEFT CLICK ONCE I get the message that the file cannot be found. If I LEFT CLICK TWICE I get the message Program not responding and the computer freezes.
sORRY to be long winded but I dont know what might be relevent.
Could this be a compatability issue FAT/FAT32 etc with the SDHC card not liking the various download sources? If I transferred all the good files to another storage device would this solve the problem or would it just move it to the new device??
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Ouch! Losing data is a real pain.
Moving files back and forth from cameras to hard drives to external storage always has some risk. Recovering the corrupted files may or may not be possible. There are ways to minimize the risks, though.
You need to have some way to verify the data which has been transferred *before* you delete the originals. This can be done by browsing with image viewers, Windows Explorer (I'm guessing you use Windows), or using a file compare utility. MajorGeeks.com has lots of free and shareware programs available. (IIRC, there is one named Beyond Compare which is supposed to be good)

Getting back to your card problem. How did you format your 8GB card? If you are using stricly as mass storage, it should be formatted in the card reader on your computer. Yes? You mention video. How large are the file sizes? FAT32 has a file size limitation (2GB) which has caused grief for a lot of people in saving video.
Other things that come to mind are USB cross traffic and errors caused by having high priority interrupts from keyboards and mice on USB channels when doing data transfer.
My method for transfers is similar, but I don't delete the files from my hard drive right away, and I use an external drive instead of a memory card. I also burn to CD and DVD. At the end of the year, I verify everything, and only then remove the year's pictures from my hard drive.

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