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For a large number of prints, going to a one-hour lab may actually take less time. I print pictures now and then at a Walgreens nearby (not cheapest in town at 33 cents per print - 25 cents with 50 or more) but they usually take much less than one hour to get my pictures printed. Since there is no film development they usually put digital print orders right in the middle of the queue and pictures come out a few minutes later.

If you take time into consideration, for frequent or high volume printing, goingt o a photo lab may be a good choice.
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Definitely should check out costco.
Download a printer profile for you local costco at http://www.drycreekphoto.com then calibrate your monitor and take them a JPEG on CD. Ask to have "no auto correction" and the results should look really good.
If they don't, check your monitor settings.
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Costco is not an option for me. Would have to drive 45 minutes to the nearest onewhen the local Walgreens is at walking distance and there are other places a short drive away.

Last month it so happened they had a 20 cent per picture deal right when I was going to print about 300 pictures from a recent trip. Sure beats film because their regular price per picture is about the same as film development and printing.
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I'm going to throw my vote in for winkflash. They have a flat .99 shipping rate and their prices are equal to or better than anyone (especially if you want 5x7s). They are still using the fuji crystal paper and the print quality is extremely good. The only things I can compare it to our my own Canon S900 printer, Kmart and Walmart. It is definitely better than Kmart or Walmart and it's cheaper than printing on my S900. I still use my printer if I have 5 or less pictures to print out. But any more than that and it's a winkflash order. They take about 4 days to get you the photos but that's OK - for the price and quality it's worth it.
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