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Default Criteria for Camera and Printer, need recommendations

I am looking to spend around $900 tops between an excellent photo printer and camera. I already have a regular printer and need one for photo's only.

At least 3.2 MegaPixels(would prefer 4 though)
Size is not an issue
Memory storage is not an issue
Built in flash is a plus
Something with decent arpeture (sp?)
Looking for at least a 6x zoom (more is better)
A charging cradle is a big plus

I was looking at the Kodak 6490 but am open to suggestions

As far as the printer goes. I DO NOT want an ink-jet. No matter how much you try to convince me I will not buy one. I am looking at the Olympus and the Hi-Ti models. I am looking for something that is thermal or dye-sub or the like.
I prefer to find something that can print more than just 4*6 or smaller. up to a comparable 8*10 would be nice but would consider a printer that only does 4*6 and smaller if the quality and price were right.
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Default How's this combo?

There are any number of cameras and printers that will meet your needs. I would consider the Olympus C-750 camera and an HiTi dye sub printer (a printer brand you noted in your original note.)

The Olympus C-750 is a 4 meg camera has a 10x optical zoom, built-in flash and hotshoe, and offers full manual controls. Size is very reasonable. Down side - no focus assist lamp but with some practice, you can overcome that limitation. Does not use a charging craddle but uses AA batteries, which is a big plus in my mind. It connects via a USB cable or you can use a separate card reader. Note it uses xD memory cards.

HiTi printers only go to 4" x 6" but produce outstanding prints. Check Steve's forums and the "Dye Sub Printer" area. It is very reasonably priced. They are also rumored to be producing a 5" x 7" dye sub printed in spring 04. Olympus makes a larger format dye sub printer but I don't know about it's availability.

Good luck in your search!

Paul in NoVA
C-730 B-300 WCON-07
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Hard to beat Wal*Mart/Costco/Sam's Club/Joe's Bait Shop/... that use the Fujii printers for quality. Same chemical process as film cameras so durability is well proven, and cheap as well. Cheap to have them do it: I think the printers are in the range of $100K if you want one at home:-)

Why the adamant loathing of ink jets? One of their big virtues is being cheap which will leave you more money for a camera - or simply go without a printer and use a local processor.
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I want pictures that are going to last virtually forever and know that I will not get that out of an ink-jet. In 25 years(which is how long the longest ink-jet is rated I believe) I do not want them to fade or be ruined in any way.
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