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Default Cropping & Printing Quest.

OK...I just purchased the new Sony V1 and love it!!
I have a couple questions though regarding cropping (within Photoshop v7.0) and then printing the image(s) .
I need some advice as to getting larger (8x10+) pics printed accurately and cleanly.
Lets say I take a pic....I use Photoshop and crop the image down to the size desired. With that new cropped image, how do I really know what size that would turn out to be when printed?
I have recently seen in camera stores, and even Wal-Mart, standalone print stations where you insert the memory card and print the image you would like (excellent upgrade)!! If I crop the image and just request an 8x10 should I expect a perfect shot?? Is there something in particular that needs to be done prior to printing?? It is a 5mp camera so I know the quality is there....I just need some pointers on how to ensure I am getting the cleanest picture possible.
Thanks to all ideas and suggestions.
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When I use Photoshop to crop a pic, I click on the crop tool to the left. At the top of the page, it gives me the option to type in the length in inches that I want for the width and the heighth. I usually do 4x6 so that is what I plug in.
I hope my crude explanation has not confused you, I am not the best at explaining things
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As a generality, most editors have crop functions where you can set the horizontal and vertical pixels, so if you get this right then there is no doubt that your image will then scale in equal proportions at the print stage. The problem with the stores, is you don't always know whether their crop will be centred, bottom up or top down - so getting the image scaled right with the most pixels yourself is a guarantee of output size and quality. To make life easy, some editors offer a crop 'hover box' which gets it's ratio from the output print size you put in.

This works for any camera: Check out your capture resolution for 5 Mpix. E.g 2560 X 1920. Assume either height or width is kept the same. For a fixed height of 1920 pixels, the width for a 10X8 must be 10x1920 divided by 8 = 2400. Therefore, your saved cropped image must be 2400 x 1920. Whether you crop left,right or equally about the centre is your choice.

Now you want to do 6X4. the calculation this time is 4 x 2560 divided by 6 = 1706. Therefore your saved cropped image would be 2560 x 1706. So your width is the same, but height is reduced by throwing away pixels to get 1706. Whether you throw away 107 equal top and bottom, or 214 at the top or bottom is your choice. If you check the image properties after cropping, you should get these numbers.

Now you can see why you bought more pixels in the camera than you can use! VOX
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vox, is that the same if you just resize an image in irfan viewer or similar?
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When you use PhotoShop, I use version 7, the cropping tool allows you to set the width and height (e.g. 4 x 6). The great thing about it is that you select the area to be cropped and the software forces it to be the ratio (4 x 6) that you selected. Then PhotoShop allows you to move or resize the crop area. After you are happy with the area selected, simply click on the check mark and voilla, the image is perfectly cropped for the print size.
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