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Default cross post recommendations for a 1st time digicam please

Have posted this to the newbie help forum but thought I'd post here too to maximise replies.

Hope it is OK to do this if not pls let me know and I'll ensure I dont do so again.

Wud appreciate lots of feedback



Hi All

OK , OK as others have started their posts of this ilk I'm sure this type of question gets asked at least 10 times a day but here goes - I would really appreciate feedback on this..

I am considering buying my 1st digital camera and am looking for pointers. I will start by giving some background to my photo taking background and then onto what I'm looking for from a digicam and one or two models I've considered.

I have mainly used 35mm SLR cameras with the odd compact in between. I have used Canon AE-1 (my 1st SLR), Pentax Super A, Pentax ME Super, Minolta Dynax 7000 and now Canon 1000 fn.

I loved the AE-1 and ME Super and was not impressed with either the Pentax or Minolta. My current 1000 fn is superb and i love it to bits - it has everything I need and has re-affirmed my pref for Canon cameras after my time using the AE-1.

Whenever I used compacts I missed the ability to control shutter speed to give desired blurring or freezing effects and loss of control on depth of field - therefore a fully auto digicam with no manual over rides at all would likely not fit the bill..

Okay next what I'm looking for in a digicam in APPROX order of importance:

1) Picture quality - def most important - no point in lots of bells and whistles if the pic quality is no good

2) Manual over ride or some control over exposure and results - Hence I'm strongly drawn to the Canon A70 - wow what a great spec.

3) Zoom range - ideally would prefer more than just 3X BUT above are more important factors and the A70 does seem to take ad don lenses to extend it's range.

4) Ease of use - ie not having to hold down one button, press another one and then rotate a dial to achieve something .

Budget : Ideally I would PREFER to keep it within the range of GBP 150 - 230 - however for the right one I may be prepared to go to GBP 300 - this seems to be the price for the A70 (though it's available on line for app GBP 250.

Main models I have considered so far and reasons why:

1) Fuji finepix 2800. Great zoom range and lots of good reviews - sample pics on this site look pretty good too. Though little manual control and fixed ISO setting are down sides.

2) Canon A60/70. Great specs especially in exposure modes and ISO setting, add on lenses. Downsides - less zoom range than I would ideally like - but I can prob live with this, reports re soft images on these forums - OK so how bad is this actually and how come we have posts saying they have probs and other people saying they have had no problems ?

I would appreciate any opinions on a direct comparison between these two models but also suggestions for other models that would fit the specs I have stated above.

Sorry this has been such a long post but wanted to give you all max info :-)

Many Thanks

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For what you want, I'd go with the a70/a60 and get a few add-on lenses when your budget allows. For softness, if you go to the canon forum, there are several posts that address this issue.
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Consider purchasing a used C-2100 on eBay. If you want longer zoom, all the flexibility of your SLR, and a camera that looks and feels like your camera, check it out.
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