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Default Current Digicam design/specs, confusion!

Hi all, since reading the G2 review a while ago, & Pat Yuens G2/CP5000 comparo, & having owned a G2 for 18 months now, I've started looking into my next aquisition ~ & I've come upon some trends which folks may be interested in commenting upon as I find it all a bit 'perplexing'!

My reason for wanting to upgrade is primarily to get some more zoom-length, plus I like to try to quit out of gear before the depreciation curve whacks it too badly & I can still get a few bucks back. And a new camera is always a joy of course . . .. .

So, I start looking at the offerings, & as an obvious first step the G3/5 arent sufficiently 'better' to warrant a move to them, so I start looking at the newly emerging bigger-zoom stuff (7~12) like the CP5700, Pana DMC-F21, C750, Z1, FZ-10, A1 etc etc etc . .. . & find that they ALL seem to suffer from the prob of having no AF assist lights plus LCD-type displays instead of optical viewers, & consequently have a common prob of poor performance/framing in low light . . . . which was never an issue with the now-lowly G2 . .. .

. .. . . it is not until moving into the realm of dSLR's that we start to get back into optical viewfinders, & even the Canon 'Rebel' (prolly the best-value up at that next step) still doesnt have an AF assist light but instead we have to raise the flash head & let it pulse out some mini-flashes to get a focus-feel . . . & at 28~90 the stock lens doesnt have the big zoom capacity anyway! Plus the LCD can no longer be used for view-framing, only playback!

The only model I can see with optical view & AF assist is the Olympus C5060 ~ & at 4x zoom (27~110) it has only a slightly better range than the Rebel, but at a much lower price. While it isnt a dSLR with access to other lens's, in practical terms (& comparing stock lens's only) the C5060 would seem to be a much better 'value' device . . . .. . . yet is still only slightly better than the 'old' G2!

Have you guys got any comments/inputs/advice to offer here . . . if I was into 'conspiracy theory' I'ld suspect that the 'marketing men' are jerking us around somewhat!
OR, are we on the eve or brink of s new year full of techno-leaps & another round of 'better than ever' models to obsolete our last purchase as soom as poss?!

Bruce (in NZ)
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