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I am trying locate a device that will allow me, with one telephone line, to be using the internet (have call waiting) and automatically suspend the connection to have the telephone ring. So, while I am using the i-net, if someone is trying to call me, I won't miss the call. Anyone know of such a piece of software/hardware?


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You will need call waiting from your phone company.

Prowl around the web sites for your ISP and for your modem manufacturer. Just got a new modem (US Robotics cheapie) and it will deal with that with call waiting and with something set up at the ISP.
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While I don't have an answer I just thought I'd say that I didn't know this device existed. Very interesting.

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What you're looking for is a v.92-capable modem. (Your ISP needs to support v.92 as well for full functionality.)

Probably all modem manufacturers by now support this standard, but here is one link you can check out...


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Those little boxes used to be around... Think I even saw them at Radio Shack once, but you could try the other mainstream electronics stores. You won't miss a call, but they won't hold the modem connection if you do answer the voice phone. I guess V92 solves this problem (never tried it), but remember that both you AND your ISP will have to have V92 modems for it to work.

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