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Default Date/Time imprint on photo.

Relax, I don't do it - and generally discourage it.

Have a situation where a bank with foreclosed property is requiring the Realtor to go out weekly to assure that the home is still vacant and report back with photos. With the accumulation of photos every week, and to assure that they actually went out, they started requiring the Realtor to have each photo include a date/time stamp on the photo. I know my D7000 will not, nor will her older D70. Even the iPhone won't! Questioning if any cameras, other than some entry level P&S even have that capability.

I suggested that she talk to the bank about the EXIF data that is embedded into the file, assuming that their file management systen doesn't destroy it. But cosidering the corporate cluelessness that is always "correct no matter how wrong it is" she ultimately will have to deliver with date and time showing and not requiring any more work of the bank employee.

Is there any program that can print selected EXIF data to the image area of the file? I know it can be done, printing below the file, when sending to a printer, but these are straight files to be uploaded and web browser viewing rather than printed to paper.

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G'day mate

This might -might not- be a possibility...
PS Elements in its File> Process Multiple Images menu has an option of inserting some text ... usually a simple copywrite notice

It may be possible for you to use this feature to insert basic date info into a series of images prior to them being bulk printed later on - ie- the time of day can be obtained from exif, but if the bank people just want to know "that on such-a-date- the house was empty", then this method may be a possibility

Regards, Phil
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I think that this can be done with Irfanview, but am not certain, and couldn't tell you how. The program is very flexible.

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Thanks. Don't know why I didn't think of watermarks. Suggested she download the 30 day trials of Adobe Lightroom4 and the competing Corel After Shot Pro and try them, batch processing the ones she needs to send.

Not sure of any freeware/shareware batching programs but given the capabilities of those two programs way beyond watermarking, they are almost "must haves". This way she will have 2 months to decide which she prefers...or see if the bank changes their policy.
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