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GreenAlien Jun 27, 2004 12:02 AM

A couple of cameras have caught my eye. The Casio Z40 and the Olympus C770.

It may seem strange to short list two quite different cameras, but for me these two stand out above other cameras in the truely pocketable and non-pocketable categories respecitvely.

I'm undecided whether I really need a pocketable camera, and therefore that's why I'm considering both these cameras. There would be no dedicated purpose for the camera, merely an even spread of indoor, outdoor and holiday photos.

I've drawn up a quick list of pros that each camera has that the other doesn't. While this is highly subjective I'd still be interested to hear what other people think..

1) Convenient pocket size.
2) Looks good.
3) Large TFT with interesting firmware features.
4) Good battery life.
5) Cheaper.

1) High zoom.
2) Movies are VGA sized. Optional Jpeg compression.
3) Inc 128mb card.
4) Video out.
5) Less red eye.
6) Hot shoe flash.

I like the Casio because it's tiny (and so would be with me more often) and because it's so darn sexy. But then I like the Olympus because it's relatively small for an SLR-like camera, and the Jpeg Movie mode looks excellent too - I was impressed by sample footage that I've seen on the net that was taken with this camera.

The difference in price for these two cameras is not that great (from the seller I'd get it from), because the cost of a memory card must be added to the Casio which brings it closer to the Olympus. Therefore price is not really a factor here.

While the zoom sounds very good on the Olympus, I feel that I'd only go up to 6x in practise due to the lack of stablizer. I can't see me carrying a tripod around to fully utilise the full zoom. Also, my previous Nikon 775 had video out, which I found very useful for reviewing photos on a TV, so it's nice this feature is on this camera too, but sadly not present on the Casio.

Thanks, Ant

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