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Default Decisions...

I have narrowed by choices to three camera's and was wondering what some of your thoughts were on choosing one. It is between a Ninkon 5700, Sony F707 & Dimage 7I. Thanks for your thoughts.
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when trying to decide between top cams like these make sure they all features important to you ie remote contol, optical zoom.... thenmmaybe check steves reviews and see his conclusions,, see what is said about type of shooting most important to you ie indoor, outdoor low light...., if still 3 way tie then let the $$$$ of the cam break the tie
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although these cam are in the same class, they are very different!
Try to figure out what you will enjoy and what you may hate about these cam :
- Do you use wide angle often ? only the D7i offer you 28mm
- Max zoom : Nikon has the longest 280mm
- Do you like electric zoom ? >> go for Sony and Nikon
- Does electric buzz buzz zoom make you crazy ? ( as me) >> D7i zoom is stepless manual
- Do you like a manual focus ring ?, Nikon don't have it ( I think)
- Macro important? Check the specs
- Memory stick or Compact flash ? Sony close the door to microdrive, the 2 others ok
- Standard cheap batteries? : D7i use AA, the 2 others use proprietary . AA NiMH are sale everywhere , including walmart , for nothing.
- Balance ? you should try all 3 in your hand for a while . Sony has the balance of a SLR with a long zoom, a point and shot guy type will hate this.
- Tilting LCD ? Only the Nikon offer you this. Very handy for auto-portrait , shoot over the crowd more limited with the LCD in the back only.
- Burst mode important to you ? (I think that they are all ~~ 2fps)
- Nikon is black ( some like this as a "pro" look)

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In term of Resolution, they are pretty much comparable. At least the f707 and the D7i share the same Sony's CCD (and probably the 5700 too since the 5000 also uses the same Sony's CCD). The difference I believe (beside the lens) is how each manufacturer choose to output their jpeg: The Sony has more saturation in the color, the 5700 optimize for sharpness, while the D7 go for the details at the expense of noise. However in all three one can adjust color/contrast/sharpness to whatever the fancy of the day is from the factory default...

One major drawback on the Sony is again it's MemoryStuck, @ 128Mb that's like ~50 shots @ full resolution, and even though this memory type is now licensed to other vendors. One is pretty much stuck in the Sony line for the next camera upgrade as well. It does have the best battery to it's credit though rather expensive. Studio flash is also another inconvenience for this camera; However all cameras that use the Sony's CCD need a pre-flash, and if you check the discussion groups both the D7(i) and 5000/5700 have their fair shares of get-around here as well...

Think of this decision as an on-going process, you'll buy your next camera(it'll need even more storage) sooner than you'll think, and if you can minimize the up-front cost of the camera as well as be able to re-use the CF flash or batteries, all the better. That's why I picked the microdrive feature of the CF, and it's almost required AA NiMh rechargeable batteries companion over all else, not that the D7 is not already loaded with features (ie real-time histogram, grid/scale, electronic filters + real filter thread, etc...). You can run the 5000/5700 with the microdrive on NiMh as well albeit @ an additional cost.

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Default Thanks

Thanks to all of you for your advice in making this decision. You have been VERY HELPFUL!
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