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Kenlau Jul 10, 2002 5:31 PM

delay between pressing shutter and actually capturing pictur
Hi, can someone help me?
I just got my nikon coolpix 5000, I noticed that there is a delay between I pressed the shutter and the time the camera actually capturing the picture. The picture shown on the LCD monitor is not quite the moment of the image I wanted to captured. It is annoying.
I already set the camera as continuous focusing, not single focus. But I still have to wait for the green light ( focus ready ) to come on before I press the shutter fully.
Is it something I set up wrong on the camera, or is this a common problem for digital camera. please advise

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steve Jul 10, 2002 9:35 PM

It's pretty much the same with all of them, they still have to set the white balance and exposure the instant before the shutter fires.

You can cut the delay down by presetting a white balance value other than auto. The best way is to have the shutter half-pressed which locks the focus, white balance and exposure - from this point to actual capture is as fast as it gets.


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