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Default Delay in Picture Exposure

Hello! The delay that occurrs from snapping the picture to the camera actuall taking it troubles everyone I speak to that comes from the SLR world. Yet, aside from an occasional mention in some reviews that this camera is particularly slow or this is a little faster than its predecessor, there is not any definitive way for me to include this in my critieria for evaluating which camera I should buy?

Does anyone know of anyplace to find this info? Steve, are you ready to include this in your evaluation on a consistent basis. OK, so I know different conditions may give different results. So pick a couple of scenarios and report on them religiously!


Any feed back with real information (not the usual "yea, that is a problem") would be appreciated.

Thanks two.
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Yeah that's a problem alright

Sorry, I couldn't resist that. Seriously though. All, well most all, consumer digicams suffer from what we call shutter lag. Those coming from the film world, not necessarily just SLRs, are used to nearly instantaneous shutter release. A digital camera doesn't use film and most have variable ISO sensitivity settings as well as automatic white balance, exposure and auto focus systems. All of these things take time to do their calculations unfortunately. The fastest response cameras lack an auto focus lens and this is usually the biggest delay factor in a digicam.

Being that almost all digicams have a shutter lag we usually only make mention of those that don't have a shutter lag. A good example is the Casio EX-S1 and the new EX-S2, these cameras have fixed-focus (non auto focus) lenses so they have a very quick response time.

Besides the fixed focus consumer digicams the only other "fast" digital cameras are the more expensive digital SLR cameras. They have exceptionally fast AF systems and therefore very short shutter lag times.

I hope this helps.

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As a new user, I find the newer cameras faster. But it would help if there were some benchmark timings. I think this depends on the size of files, processing, size of any internal buffer memory and write times to media. E.g a 1 Mpix normal image setting will suffer less lag than a 6Mpix fine setting! However, my biggest lag frustration is still with internal flash recycle times!
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I hate to pimp another website, but dpreview.com has a timings and sizes evaluation on their reviews and rates from slow to fast if the numbers don't mean much to you.
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