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Default Desparate for a memory card solution with Nikon D100. Help!

I'm in trouble. I shot a wedding using 2 separate 512 Megabyte cards. I have a Nikon D100. I used the fine mode for JPEGs not RAW.

After the wedding I went to transfer the files. I had checked both cards while I was shooting. Both were storing the pictures. I maxed out both cards with shots (already dangerous I know). I have the standard compact flash cards. One is a Sandisk Ultra 512M and the other a Transcend 512M card.

Something went wrong with the Transcend card that I had taken the full amount of pictures on. On the Apple G4 Properties shows that it has 490MB of information. When I go to open the DK100N folder where the pictures should be nothing is there. The Nikon software launches and lists the message " There is no image in the camera or on the card exit program." Coudl it get any worse.

I know the pictures are there. I don't think I took the card out of the camera while it was still on but I'm not absolutely sure. I can remember before I used any of the cards that I erased both cards completely and all their hidden software files when I was getting ready to go shooting. Could some files be missing? Seems unlikely since when I was shooting I was checking what I got and all was okay. Now when I put it back into the Nikon camera itself it says no images on the card. Yet properties on both my Windows and Apple machine show the 490Mb are there. How can I get these pictures back. The bride will be so dissappointed with only half the wedding pictures. Can someone save me and her. Thanks. Mark B.

If you know of any company that can get the files off the disk please advise. This is very scary.
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There's a program on the net called, Digital Image Recovery or DIR...you can find it by going into Google.com.
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I agree with mike_PEAT. You can also look here for more software packages:


But this is why I would have only used Lexar WA or SanDisk Ultras for a wedding. They have a lifetime warrenty and (at least the Lexar) will recover pictures for you from the dead card. You traded cost for quality and you lost. I'd also ask why you didn't transfer pictures during the event to make sure everything was working. But I'm a bit touchy about wedding photography, I know people who have had their event really deminished because of really bad pictures. Just search on posts from me and "wedding" and you'll find some long rants about how I think wedding photography should be handled.

I'm going on vacation today, so I won't see a reply for a week. I'm not trying to insult you, this is something I just care a lot about.

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You'll find several file recovery programs listed here:


My suggestion is to get rid of the Nikon software and get yourself a good USB card reader. Transfer files with Windows Explorer. There have been numerous complaints about problems with Nikon View over the years.

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i guess we all have our favorites. this is mine and its worked everytime: http://www.datarescue.com/photorescue/

steve is right on again on the nikons software. get a reader and offload faster and safer.
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Hi Mike Peat. Thanks for taking the time to respond. I did get the software you suggested (www.flashfixers.com) and it worked perfectly. I was so happy at 3am that morning when they were recovered. I shot the wedding for free and there was no liability except for the fact that it was the brides moment. Which really mattered to me.

I was amazedd to be able to get help at that hour of night. Thank you. Really. You made my Sunday care free. Also the photo's from the D100 were so fabulous. I bracketed the shots and really got it right. The photos scream with colors in Carmel, California on the Ocean. With kind regards, Mark

Also, I agree with the other viewers. I do use a SanDisk 6-1 card reader and have turned off all the auto acquire programs. I must point out that with my Windows 2000 setup when I insert the card to the 6-1 reader it sometimes dumps the computers memory and I have to reboot. I don't loose the images on the compact flash disk but what a hassle. I also think that the person who spoke about the disk being cheap is right. I didn't buy it to save money though, I just happened to have acquired it from Japan. Anyway, I'll use SanDisk from now on and I'll bring a notebook computer and transfer at the wedding to ensure I'm not going to get into this position again. I read some books on this before hand but this was my first shoot and I had so much to deal with I couldn't control the process well. Thanks guys for all the great recommendations. Mark in California.
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