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Old Sep 26, 2005, 3:13 PM   #1
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I made a post about this before, but now I cant find it.
Someone gave me some good links.

How can I get my digital pictures printed? from CD, card, etc...
What are those websites that I can send my photo's to, have them printed and sent to me?


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Many places will do it.
CostCo and Walmart have good quality printers in house.
Some stores like CVS can also make prints from CDs.

Some can even make prints directly from your media card (although I don't recommend doing that.)
I bet you can find a real photo lab in Toronto, that is a good sized city.

You could also buy your own printer and make them yourself. Canon, HP, and Epson (I prefer Epson, but I demand high quality prints. And I'm willing to pay for a good printer to get them.)

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Thanks, so they can print edited pictures too?
Do they require a certain file type? jpeg?
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Old Sep 26, 2005, 9:55 PM   #4
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Zhers, walmarts among others will develop your digital photo's from disc, or memory card, and within the hour. Blacks talks about how they use thicker paper "than the grocery stores" and that justifies the 49 cents for a 4x6 from Blacks. They will develop when you drop off the media, or if you upload them to their site, then they will be done within 4 hours, to be picked up at the Black's location of your choice. I love Zhers personally, as I have developed (pardon the pun) a great relationship with the girls there, and can often get images done well under the hour. They are great to me.

Futureshop does it as well, visit futurephoto.com and they will develop and send back to either a store near you, or to your door. They will print jpegs or tiffs while the Zhers and Walmarts will develop only jpegs. But they can be custom creations etc. (25 cents a 4x6 from zhers, 29 from Futurephoto..walmart does the funky stuff like putting pictures on shirts and such, though I heard it took 2 weeks to complete)

Hope this provides some insight
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Old Sep 27, 2005, 7:46 AM   #5
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If you have a lot of images to print you might check with your local Walgreen. Most of them have the Fuji Frontier developing system and they usually have a special going for 50 or more prints for 20c each. I think they are the standard 29c for under 50, but it is a lot more convenient than Wal-Mart unless you want to shop for the hour. You can park near the door and there usually isn't a line. Down my way Wally-World is always a zoo and Walgreen has a CVS on the opposite corner to lower the customer load. It is hard to beat Fuji Frontier prints.

You can write the images to CD or write edited images back to your memory card. If you rename the images or strip the EXIF in editing you often can't see them on the camera's LCD, but they can still be printed from the card.

I have read on boards that Wal-Mart offers 4.5 X 6 prints for the same price as 4 X 6 and JimC linked a place online that offers them. If you don't feel like cropping every shot (unless you have a 4 X 6 format camera) it can be handy. I don't know about Walgreen.

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Old Oct 4, 2005, 10:05 PM   #6
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I use Snapfish as my main printer. They are always offering free prints. I dont think I spent a dime with the first 300 I printed. They give you free shipping credits too.

Their packages are reasonable too. I can make about $10 profit on my packages.

My problems with Walmart is if you get them printed in an hour, the quality is not as good. I notice a lot of pixels in some of my pictures (I take anythink important at 6mp). Plus if you take any decent photos they will question you about who took them. I take lots of sports portraits for kids and every time I sent them to walmart it was a hassle. I even had to take my camera in there. But that is just my experience, Im sure that there are many more people with many better experiences.

Hopefully one day I can actually make enough for a decent printer.


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Old Oct 5, 2005, 9:28 AM   #7
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Snapfish is good. You may also want to check out www.kodakgallery.com. Their prices are good and they always have specials, bonuses, etc.
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