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Hi Guys

I have a cannon a460--5.0 megapixels.I have read the manual which
says that I can only develop up to A4 size ...for decent prints that is

Is there anyway to get decent prints up to A3 with this camera.?
Can something be done in a software program to enable me to print
up to A3 ?

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There is no magic software that will upsize your image without some kind of comprimise. Depending on the subject of the photo, viewing distance, and the eye of the beholder some photos can be printed much larger than others. In general, those with lots of detail that invite close inspection (e.g., a butterfly's wing) will not do as well as things like a photo of a fog bank.

So the simple answer is "Try it and find out". To keep expenses down, just print a something like a 4x6" print that is cut out of the larger image. Choose a part of the image that contains the most detail.
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The basic rule is that you should let the printer software do the interpolation right down to 180ppi, if you want to print larger than that then you need to up-rez the photo. I would guess that a 5mp camera at A3 is going to be pretty close to that.

Simple bicubic interpolation in photoshop does a pretty good job, it can be bettered by different algorithms under particular circumstances, but usually not by a very big margin. If you do need to up-rez then choose something like 250ppi as the setting.
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