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hi everyone, im really struggling to come up with some answers on whether to use fine or standard compression. i have been using dx7630 easyshare but just purchased a c663 easyshare with better video capabilities. i cannot seem to find a setting for fine or stanard jpeg on the c663. does anyone know what its set at? or can i change it? will i still be fine printing 8x10s with this camera?? any help appreciated!!! Thanks
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Apparently, your model does not allow you to select jpeg quality (compression amount).

This is relatively common with Kodak Digital Cameras (user does not have the ability to control jpeg compression with a number of Kodak digital cameras). Kodak has been heavily criticized over this in the past.

Some of the newer Kodak models do allow you to control it. But, AFAIK, yours does not

I've also seen some reports of "hacked" firmware to try and give users the ability to use a higher quality/lower jpeg compression level for some older Kodak models. But, not for yours.

The jpeg default quality does not appear to be too bad with it, though (and you'll save space on your hard drive using the defaults, too).

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Determining how much compression just by choosing, even if you had several choices, is an inexact science.

One camera model may have fine compression being a minimal 10% while standard compression is 30%. Another mocel may have fine compression at 30% and standard compression at 50%. You will have to enlarge the picture to full (1:1 pixel match) on your computer screen and examine with a magnifying glass to make a real judgment.

The mainreason not to use the finest compression and largest pixel dimensions is to fit more pictures on the memory card. You can compress the picture more if you want after downloading to your computer. Another reason may be that the place where the picture is going (such as a web site) has only so many pixels allotted so there is no point in shooting a higher resolution picture.

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