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Default Different Filters


What is the general opinion of the use of filters with digicams (polarizing, flourescent, and clear)... is Digital Optics a good company to use (15 year warranty, and cheap).

This is for a Coolpix 4500.



PS- Does anyone know anything about Kenko telephoto and wideangle lenses? Are they worth buying?
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Both Nikon and Ritz Photo have a filter kit for this camera. I bought a Nikon set for my 990 years ago and it came with a UV, a polarizer, and either several ND with the Nikon brand or others filter like sepia with the Ritz's brand.


The UV is good for general use to protect the camera lens
The Polarizer is good to darken the sky and minimize reflection (but it's kind of hard to see on the LCD)
The ND's are to cut back on bright light or special effect when shooting waterflow...
The Sepia get you that B/W western old picture tone

Nikon has a special line of converters for this camera so why don't you stick with them instead of Kenko? It's pretty reasonable and can be set-up accordingly with their camera menu selection as well... 8)
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Default Re: Different Filters

Originally Posted by airplanenut
What is the general opinion of the use of filters with digicams (polarizing, flourescent, and clear)... is Digital Optics a good company to use (15 year warranty, and cheap).
For general use, the lens glass elements are good enough for cutting down UV ray. However, for higher elevation, snow scene and water front photography, UV many be needed because in these situations excessive blue may appear on the image. However, there are two different thoughts regarding the use of UV. One, as mentioned above, believes that the UV is unnecessary because adding another glass element reduces the image quality. The other one believes that a UV is good for protection purpose, even though the 950/990/995/4500 has an element for this purpose. One more layer protection makes it even more secured. It is your decision to see if you will need a UV. I don't have any UV on any of my lenses. A lens hood serves better.

In fact, the most important filter you might want to get is the polarizer. Keep in mind that not all polarizers are created equal, especially the 28mm ones. Some are so thick that will cause vignetting. So, when you purchase polarizer, you might want to bring your camera and have a few test shots. A better way, if you like it, is to use a larger diameter polarizer. For example, you could use a 28-37 step-up ring and a 37mm polarizer. In this way, vignetting will go away completely unless that polarizer is too thick.

The next important one is ND filters. A ND filter reduces the intensity of the incoming light so that the EV (exposure value) is lower. As a result, you could use larger aperture for shallower depth of field, or use slower shutter speed to create effects such as motion blur. If you do macro with flash, especially external flash, ND filters may be needed to reduce the flash intensity. But, be aware of internal reflection of poor quality ND filters.

The third useful one is the so called gradual ND filter. A gradual ND filter starts with clear glass and change to some level of gray gradually. It is very useful in scenic photography. For example, if the sky may be much brighter than the foreground, it is difficult to expose both correctly without loosing details and texture. Should this happen, one can use the darker side of a gradual ND filter to block the sky, reducing the differences between the sky and ground.

All other filters (e.g., color correction and color compensation filters) are almost unnecessary because the white balance capability of your 4500 can handle most situations very well. Or, if you have anything in doubt, use White Balance Preset! Other special effects can easily be duplicated with Photoshop and other image editing software. The effects obtained from the above mentioned filters are difficult to get from an image editing software. For example, it is easy to make the sky darker; but, it is difficult to remove reflection from water. Similarly, level and curve can change the brightness of an image. However, if the image was over-exposed, it is difficult to get the details back. This is the situation the ND and gradual ND filters becoming useful.

If you need filters, buy good ones (e.g., multicoated, flat, etc). Most 28mm filters are more expansive than larger diameter ones. If you are willing to go larger, it could be even cheaper (assuming you don't go as large as 72mm, :lol: ).

The White Balance section and Filters section of my 4500 user guide may offer some additional help.

Nikon Coolpix 950/990/995/2500/4500 user guide
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... and here's the RitzCamera filter set:


They've repackaged with an FL :P. I guess that's why the question "(polarizing, flourescent, and clear)..." It's probably made by the same company under the Quantaray brand and like you said cheaper... 8)
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I keep a UV on my Olympus C-730 to protect the camera lens, doesn't seem to effect image quality. I also have a polarizing filter that cames in quite handy when I ocassionally need it (in very bright sunlight). I bought my filters from the folks at The Filter Connection (www.2filter.com) who acutally talked me out of a couple of other filters. They explained that the needs of digital photgraphers as far as filters go are not as extensive as film photgraphers because the manual controls of digital camers are more extensive. Nice folks, very reasonable prices - I also bought my Raynox wideangle from them, all with free shipping. Best - john
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